Healthy AND Delicious Recipe Roundup

As many of you know, I am a regular columnist at both AOL’s KitchenDaily, as well as on Prevention’s website – highlighting ways you can amp up flavor while dialing down calories. Here’s the latest roundup of recipes that posted on KitchenDaily…

French Onion Soup with Guinness

french-onion-soup-with-guinnessThis year for St. Patrick’s Day, I made French onion soup with an Irish twist – it’s made with Guinness beer and aged Irish cheddar. It turns out that the beer’s “Guinness is Good for You” slogan from the 1920s might actually have some truth to it, according to the 1993 article from the BBC, “Guinness Could Really Be Good for You.” Plus, the beer’s naturally deep chocolate color is the perfect match for rich, darkly caramelized onions and beef broth that makes the deep brown base for my soup. Read more »

Healthy Balsamic Chicken

balsamic-chickenI’ve often wondered what the Italian word “balsamico” means. Apparently, it comes from the same root as the English word “balm,” a substance that has curative or soothing properties. While Medieval folk doctors prized vinegar as a powerful home remedy and cure and quite a few holistic websites still tout these claims, there isn’t a lot of hard-core medical research or data out there to support health claims about vinegar. Personally I’ve always considered vinegar a super-healthy staple because it adds a bright spark of flavor to dishes, very few calories and no fat. And who doesn’t love the sweet tang of balsamic? Read more »

Healthy Chicken and Biscuits

healthy-chicken-and-biscuitsWhen my Granny made chicken and biscuits she called it “Chicken a la King,” a misnomer (Chicken a la King – a ragout made with mushrooms, sherry and heavy cream served over puffed pastry – was all the rage in the 1950s). In homage to my Granny’s rich dish, I’ve created a healthier version of chicken and biscuits – a dish with old time taste with modern nutrition. It’s higher in fiber because the topping is made with whole wheat flour instead of white flour, and the dish is packed with vegetables. Read more » Looking to make your comfort food more gourmet and even healthier? Make your own delicious simple chicken broth.

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