Healthy Recipes: Lunch

In this section of the site, you can find all of the Skinny Chef lunch recipes. Typically, there are several pages with recipes - so scroll down and use the paged navigation.... or search for the recipe by title:


Shallot Dressing with Greens

Shallots are a sweet and mild, the perfect substitution for garlic or onions. This dressing keeps well over night in an air-tight container

Spicy Tuna Cups

Spicy tuna is my favorite thing to order from sushi house menus. I love cooking Japanese favorites and sometimes I even make sushi at home. If you don’t know how to roll your own sushi, this version is a simple way to enjoy tuna and impress your guests with a light, spicy appetizer.

Salmon with Orange and Balsamic Glaze

Orange and balsamic make a sweet and sour combo that is perfect with salmon. If you have a sensitive nose but still want to enjoy the health benefits of eating fish, citrus is always a good way to cut the strong sent of salmon.

Green Bean Soup with Fresh Dill

My Granny always cooked this wonderful, light soup in early fall after she harvested the last of the green beans from her garden. Garnish it with a dollop of sour cream and another tablespoon of fresh dill for an elegant first course or simple summer dinner. This soup is always more flavorful after it rests a day or two in the fridge.

Indian Fried Rice

Hot chilies make you sweat, clear your sinuses, and can help you to burn calories by raising your body temperature. If you can’t take the heat, cut the quantity of chilies by half. But over time, you can develop a tolerance and taste for the magnificent chili!

Salmon Salad Nicoise

Salmon is an easy fish to enjoy and most kids love the taste! Try to find wild salmon to be sure you’re getting the omega-3’s for heart health and to help improve your mood. If you prefer the traditional version of this dish, replace the salmon with a fresh tuna steak.

Teriyaki Chicken Salad

Fresh pear adds a juicy sweet component to this Asian-style lunch classic. Mix in a cup of whole-wheat pasta to make it a complete meal.

Turkey Burgers

The hamburger is an American food icon. Easy to eat, a pleasure when cooked on the grill, substitute America’s favorite food with this lean, mean, protein machine, the turkey burger!