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As many of you know, I am a regular columnist at both AOL’s KitchenDaily, as well as on Prevention’s website – highlighting ways you can amp up flavor while dialing down calories. Here’s the latest roundup of my recipes and videos on…

Mushroom Turkey Burger

mushroom-turkey-burgerWhen it comes to cooking at home, I still think it’s a lot cheaper and healthier than eating out. Sure, some items in your grocery cart will cost more this year, but there are still plenty of healthy staples that can be turned into inexpensive, healthy meals. In this post, I’ll share my basic cheap eats list for making a yummy, nutritious breakfast, lunch and dinner that will flatten your waistline but not your wallet, plus my take on mushroom turkey burgers.

A Cook’s Quintessential Tools: Kitchen Knives

Using a knife like a professional chef is like playing the violin. It takes time and practice, but the first step is getting the right knives. Every kitchen should have at least three knives:

The chef’s knife, usually 8-10 inches long, is the knife I use every day and the workhorse in anyone’s kitchen. It is used for chopping, slicing and dicing, basically it’s the all-purpose knife. A serrated knife, 8-10 inches long to use on bread, and hard to cut items like squashes, vegetable stalks, and for slicing roasts. Lastly, a paring knife, usually 3-4 inches long, for peeling, coring, and slicing small items like cherry tomatoes!

Fish 101: How To Buy and Skin Fish

Many people love to eat fish, but feel stuck when it comes to buying and cooking it for themselves. In this new video on, I explain how to figure out if fish is fresh in the store, plus how you can easily remove the skin of the fish yourself.

And if you’re wondering how to top it, why not “flavor-boost” your fish next time around with one of my four fast and easy sauces?

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