Versatile Crepes

Crepes With Vegetarian FillingsWhen I was hosting my cookbook party launch a few weeks ago, my “top chef” challenge was to turn several of my meat-centric recipes from the book into super flavorful, bite sized appetizers that would wow my vegetarian guests who are also serious food lovers.

As I flipped through the breakfast section, the “blender pancakes” caught my eye. They are simple whole wheat crêpes, that can be mixed in a blender, and can be filled so many ways.

As I poured the batter thick as heavy cream onto my griddle, I thought of a Roti Canai, a Malaysian peanut flavored curry that is scooped and eaten with a generous piece of folded flat bread. A rich spicy peanut dip would certainly go well with any veggie rich filling! Creamy sweet and salty, asparagus rolled up with peanut dipping sauce topped with scallions in a soft whole wheat crêpe. Sliced up and presented on the platter- I thought they looked a bit like sushi and were a hit served with chilled white wine.

Get my recipe for Whole Wheat Crêpes and Easy Peanut Sauce along with ideas for fillings.

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