Wild Rice Waffles

Cooking with wild riceWild rice, also called “Indian Rice” is the seed of an aquatic grass. Much like whole grains, it contains protein and is high in many vital minerals. As part of a recent post on Slashfood, I developed a recipe for Wild Rice Waffles.

Wild rice looks fancy – its wonderful texture and color make it a food fit for celebrations, traditionally used for holidays – and often has a price to match. It takes about 20 to 30 minutes longer to cook compared to short-grain brown rice, and some of the kernels will break open and “butterfly” when it’s ready to eat. Keep an eye out when it’s on the stovetop – it typically needs more cooking water than most package instructions indicate, so have an extra cup handy.

I would never dream of letting the leftovers spoil or go to waste. Cooked wild rice reheats well with a little broth or water, but I like to re-purpose extra rice in recipes such as these waffles I mentioned before. Get my recipe for Wild Rice Waffles »

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