Delicious Yogurt Panna Cotta

Yogurt Panna CottaThese bright orange berries, each about the size of a marble, caught my eye in my local grocery store the other day. Often I like the challenge of creating a recipe around a single ingredient that I don’t use very often, and the color of these were irresistible.

I thought for sure that they were gooseberries, but the label said “Andes Berries.” When Wikipedia couldn’t solve the mystery, I did the next best thing – I Googled. The only two mentions of them had photos of what looked like a blackberry and one that resembled a golden gooseberry.

Finally, I left it up to my taste buds to decide. Perhaps an Andes berry is just another name for a gooseberry? These tart and tasty berries surely tasted like gooseberries and I was immediately struck with the thought that they would be the perfect tangy topping for a mellow creamy Panna Cotta with fresh vanilla bean!

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