How To Get Rid of Belly Fat?

Did you know that stress may be the reason for the extra weight around your middle? In response to stress, your body produces many hormones and one in particular, cortisol, will send you rummaging for ice cream or other high-calorie foods to replenish the energy your body believes it spent handling a stressful event. But help is near!

150 Years of Dieting Fads

‘150 Years of Dieting Fads And Still No Quick Fix’ is a look back at dieting history – though many diets have come and gone, what hasn’t changed is the quest for an easy fix.

Do Diets EVER Work?

Do diets ever work? A new study just out in the ‘Journal of Nutrition’ suggests focusing on weight loss can actually lead to weight gain and even can have negative affects on overall health. Co-authors Linda Bacon and Lucy Aphramor cite evidence from almost 200 studies on what to do instead…