What Does Organic Really Mean?

Organic produce in the US is highly regulated as I found out during my recent trip to Earthbound Farm, America’s largest grower of organic produce.

Kale Chips

Making kale chips is fast, easy, and cost effective. Any type of kale works, just be sure that your washed kale leaves are dry before adding olive oil for ultimate crisp chips!

Baking Soda vs Baking Powder

I enjoyed baking in culinary school but I really learned the basics of baking from my Granny. Now that I create recipes for a living, I spend more time researching the science behind baking, and how different leaveners impact the texture of your favorite cakes and cookies.

Cooking Classes in Bali

During our recent trip to Bali, land of smiling faces, delicious coffee and scrumptious scenery, we enrolled in a cooking class near Ubud, Bali. Since I know very little about Balinese cuisine, this was a great adventure for me – and we had the honor of cooking with Chef Puspa Wati directly in her traditional home.

LifestyleMom Radio Cafe

A few weeks ago, I was host Dana Hilmer’s guest on ‘LifestyleMom Radio Café’, an Internet radio show aired through LA Talk Radio. In my 35-minute segment, we chatted about ‘Cooking for Bikini Season’ and other tips how to make delicious foods while slimming down your waistline.

Cooking 101 for Guys Who Are Used to Eating Out

A lot of my male friends do not cook, but they sure do love some of the really basic home-cooked foods they eat at my dinner table. This post is dedicated to you dear friends, and I’m here to tell ya that there is no need to fear your stove – I’ll provide you with all the basics below to make your own hearty meal.

Classic Guacamole

In one of my latest videos on Prevention Magazine’s website, I explained how to make a quick, spicy guacamole that gets its kick from jalapeno, red onion and plenty of lime juice.

Yoga Meals, Power Up Before or After

Some people are morning yogis, while others prefer to unwind after work or even later in the evening. What if the only time you have for yoga falls right after breakfast or so close to dinner time that you might not have time to cook?