Healthy Habits Reduce Chances of Dementia

Two studies published in this month’s JAMA add to evidence that long-term lifestyle habits may reduce the risk of mental decline in old age. These studies are observational and not definitive, but they hint at what might reduce the chances of Alzheimer’s or dementia.

Annual Obesity Rankings

It’s time for the nation’s annual obesity rankings and, outside of fairly lean Colorado, there’s little good news. In 31 states, more than one in four adults are obese, says a new study from the Trust for America’s Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

Celebrating 4th of July

With 4th of July coming up this weekend, many people are going to invite their friends and family over for BBQ. Grilling is one of my favorite summer-time activities, so I wanted to reintroduce a healthier burger option: turkey burgers!

The Artist’s Way to Healthy Living

When I changed careers to become a chef, I was feeling pretty daunted, and one of my friends recommended to pick up a copy of Julia Cameron’s ‘An Artists Way’. It’s been one of my favorites ever since, so applied one of her chapters to becoming the healthier you.

Increase Your Lifespan with Food?

Since food is so intricately linked to survival, it begs the question whether modifying your food consumption can also increase your lifespan. A new study reveals the answer.