Celebrating 4th of July

With 4th of July coming up this weekend, many people are going to invite their friends and family over for BBQ. Grilling is one of my favorite summer-time activities, so I wanted to reintroduce a healthier burger option: turkey burgers!

Bacon’s Bad Rap?

Bacon is a delicious treat, no doubt. It adds a lot of flavor to everything from your favorite breakfast to gourmet chocolates, and is a perfect match for refried beans. But, just how unhealthy is bacon, and could bacon be part of a healthy diet?

The Perfect Use For Mint

Mint has a refreshing taste that almost everyone likes. It goes well with savories and sweets alike – fruit, frozen yogurt, chocolate pudding, lamb, peas, cucumbers and tea. In my latest post on AOL Food, I reveal one of my favorite Mediterranean flavor combos – mint and tomato!

How To Salt

Salt is one of the quintessential components of restaurant cooking – and just like for many home cooks – it’s a challenge that every cook is eager to pass under the watchful eyes of the sous-chef. Whenever I eat out, it’s one of the key things I notice right away…

Sweet Spice O’ Mine

Spices and flavoring are essential to give foods the added complexity that makes for a fantastic tasting experience. In my latest AOL blog post, I share my thoughts on three sweet spices that really kick butt.

How To Use A Knife

Using a knife like a professional chef is like playing the violin. It takes time and practice, but the first step is getting the hand-positioning right. So what does it take to get really skilled – fast enough to join the ranks of top chefs like Tom Colicchio and Gordon Ramsey?