200-Calorie Fix Program


Today, I’m going to talk to you about how you can change your eating habits, and be healthier, so you can ditch the diets, and keep off weight for good.

First off, start watching the video above, if you haven’t already.

So, what’s the number one biggest diet mistake? You might not believe this, but it’s that most people just eat too many calories. And, I totally understand. Counting calories is tedious, difficult, and it takes away from the enjoyment of eating.

A New Program

If you’re having trouble with traditional diets, it might be time for you to start thinking about my 200-Calorie Fix Program.

First of all, although the program is called the 200-Calorie Fix, I’m not suggesting that you eat only 200 calories for each meal. The idea is that every person loses weight on a different amount of calories, so you can adjust that based on your weight, age, height and sex.

For instance, I lose weight on about 1,400 calories a day. So with the 200 calorie fix, I can mix and match throughout the day. I also like to have a snack in the afternoon, so I can choose a 200-calorie snack for myself, and lose weight, without feeling deprived.

I created this program because I want everyone to eat the foods they love, enjoy flavor and taste, and still maintain a healthy weight. On my program, you can still eat out once or twice a week, but you do want to cook as much as possible in the home.

Reprogram Your Taste Buds

Another reason why you should eat healthier foods when you’re trying to lose weight is because you have a great opportunity to reprogram your taste buds.

That might sound funny, but believe me, when you start eating healthy foods on a regular basis, the junk food that you loved before, no longer tastes great. With my recipes, you’ll start craving healthy, delicious food, like broccoli, collard greens and asparagus, too!

So, what’s the secret to the 200-Calorie Fix?

  • It’s pretty easy. I help you combine natural, healthy ingredients in a quick and easy way that’s tasty, fulfilling, and made with every day foods that people really want to eat.
  • I’ve created recipes that have the tempting taste of comfort foods, with highly nutritious, low-calorie ingredients. It’s the recipe to help you feel satisfied while losing weight at the same time. The program is designed especially for you, allowing you to eat foods that you really enjoy.
  • There are 25 interchangeable, mix-and-match 200-calorie options — including breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert and snacks.
  • There’s no time-consuming calorie counting, or worrying about portion size, because each 200-calorie recipe does that for you. You simply choose several 200-calorie recipes, and you’ll know exactly what your calorie count is for that day.
  • Unlike many hard-to-follow diets targeting instant weight loss, this eating plan follows a sensible philosophy, designed to fit into your lifestyle. I focus on gradual changes, portion size, and dialing down sugar, fat and calories, without totally eliminating them.
  • And the best part — all of my recipes take under 15 minutes to make, and are made with the freshest ingredients that are available in any grocery store.
  • Each recipe comes with a quick how-to video, nutritional content, detailed instructions and swap-outs to cater your recipe to your tastes.

If you’re serious about losing weight this year, and you want to get started on the program now, click here

I hope that you join the many others who have already tried the 200-Calorie Fix, and found a successful path on their weight loss journey.

P.S. If you’re not sure if this program is for you, give it a try — for just $7 you can test-drive it for 21 days today!