Secrets Of A Skinny Chef

Secrets of a Skinny ChefIn Secrets Of A Skinny Chef (Rodale, 2010) I show how anyone can make simple, almost effortless changes in their lives that will end their struggles with yo-yoing weight and equip readers with the knowledge to make quick, easy-to-prepare, wholesome foods for themselves and their loved ones.

In this collection of 100 recipes, America’s favorites get the “Skinny” treatment with scrumptious offerings such as Maple Apple Waffles for breakfast and 7-Minute Salmon and Scalloped Sweet Potatoes for dinner. Even for those who are dieting, desserts such as Tiramisu Parfait and Crustless Apple Pie stay on the menu.

I also share dozens of Skinny Secrets from my experiences as a professional chef, recipe developer, and private chef for internationally known celebrities — allowing you to take advantage of proven strategies to achieve incredible taste without putting on the pounds!

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Delicious Foods“I’m a professional cook and I know how to eat well, but I’m not sure I know how to eat better. Iserloh is my new guru of good eating. I was wary of “healthy” recipes because often they seem to be an amalgamation of intensely processed foods. Iserloh’s recipes aren’t about those imitation, wannabe ingredients. It’s wholesome stuff.

The chocolate pudding pops blew my mind. They’re made with a base of carrot juice and fat-free milk. Who thinks up this stuff… crazy and crazy good. I’m not ready to give up all my evil ways, but I’ve had my eyes opened and I’m learning that good food doesn’t equal pain.”

Maggie Ruggiero, AOL Food
(and Former Food Editor at Gourmet)

“SELF magazine’s contributing chef Jennifer Iserloh has figured it out, and now she shares her healthy-cooking secrets with you, me and everyone out there who wants it all: taste, satisfaction and a healthy diet, not to mention a slender body. With these recipes, cooking and eating right is as easy as picking out the freshest ingredients. This book is a must-have in every healthy woman’s kitchen!

Lucy Danziger, Editor-in-Chief, Self Magazine

Rave Reviews For Secrets“Jennifer is a wonderful chef who really knows how to simplify home cooking. Who wouldn’t love to eat their favorite foods, made from easy recipes, without putting on the pounds?”

Jessica Seinfeld, author of “Deceptively Delicious”

“I love that each recipe offers a little sidebar “Skinny Secret” with a quick tip or trick for cooking or overall eating better. My favorite? To focus more, not less on food if you are struggling with your weight.”

“After paging through every last page of the book I decided on the chicken enchiladas! They have an italian twist to them which had me a little worried at first but soon enough I realized these were a golden recipe!

Steph Chows

“Recipe Rehab: Give in to your cravings and lose weight effortlessly.”

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Celebrating Tasty Delicous Foods“What attracted my attention to this book was Jennifer’s belief that “Maintaining a healthy weight, or getting to that healthy weight, is not about dieting, it’s about celebrating food.” I love to celebrate food.”

I cannot say enough how much I am enjoying these recipes. Jennifer shares her common sense approach when it comes to nutrition and portioning while still getting those cravings filled – eating healthier without the deprivation. Isn’t that a novel idea?”

Incredible Taste, Easy On The Hips“The first recipe that I made was the shrimp and corn fritters with sweet chili sauce. It was incredible!! The fritters were light and fluffy in the center, but crisp on the outside, and the seasoning mixture in them was unlike anything I’ve ever eaten. (…) The recipes are family friendly, and I think they would also be great for parents who are trying to encourage their children t eat more vegetables”

“What I like a lot, aside from the promise of healthy and tasty Cajun catfish in cornmeal breading, is that I already have most of these ingredients in my pantry.”


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