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The Perfect Stuffing For Thanksgiving

In this video, find out how to pull off a “skinny” Thanksgiving stuffing with all the flavor and less fat. Even though Granny calls it stuffing, this Thanksgiving classic is baked outside the bird.

Jersey Journal Covers Skinny Chef Brand

The Jersey Journal just published Summer Dawn Hortillosa’s article on my mission, brand and upcoming event at the Hudson School.

15 Delicious Ways to Enjoy Cayenne

Cayenne has amazing health properties and is unique because its heat is felt more at the back of the throat and pairs wonderful with sweet or tart fruits. Check out these 15 ways to incorporate cayenne into your diet!

If Elvis Knew About Probiotics

The sad truth is — Elvis’ death was brought on by horrible diet, along with other bad habits. We know for a fact that the “King” didn’t sip fruit yogurt smoothies or munch on high fiber salads, but if he would have been good to his gut would it have saved his life?