10 Top Healthy New Year’s Tips

Start the New Year out right with simple resolutions that you can actually keep!

Holiday eating, constant parties, and the stress of playing “Santa” can throw your system out of whack.

Here are 10 simple yet super ways to recharge your body and sooth your nerves. Just pick one, and feel good!

Warm it Up

Most people are constantly underhydrated and grossly underestimate the importance of water. You need it for everything from digestion to skin health, and even to transport nutrients to your cells. The solution is to sip several cups of plain hot water (in addition to whatever coffee or tea you drink) throughout the day.

Not only will it help hydrate you and to help you feel full in place of snacking or drinking beverage that don’t restore your needs for plain H2O. Holding a warm coffee mug can also sooth you, this BBC article says that people feel warmer emotionally when holding and sipping a from a warm mug.

Super Boost

Add one heaping portion of fresh superfood to your plate this week to boost energy and immune function. Superfoods are nutrient-dense, whole foods that have high amounts of micronutrients and other unique compounds that have incredibly healing potential. Foods like broccoli, kale, and spinach can seriously boost your need for mineral or vitamins. Deficiencies can mean fatigue, achy muscles, and grumpy moods. Need a snack make-over? Try my kale chips, where snack meets superfood!

Become a Pro

The strength of your immune system depends greatly on the health of the good bacteria that live in your gut. Stress, too much sugar, alcohol, and even sleeplessness can allow toxin spewing bacteria and even parasites to take charge. Probiotic foods like kefir, yogurt, and pickled vegetables help to reintegrate the good bacteria in your stomach that you can only get form outside forces. These vital bacteria cultures can crowd out harmful strains like yeast, pathogens that cause food poisoning while they strengthen your immune system. Want to know more about digestive health? Check out Elizabeth Lipski’s amazing books! If you’re curious about probiotic supplements, here’s a great read.

Tight Tummy

Feeling a bit like a jelly belly Santa after all a night or holiday full of indulgence? Some of the tummy trouble might actually be bloat combined with slight weight gain. Along with probiotics, add in high fiber foods, since probiotic cultures need to nosh on fiber for survival and to help produce vitamins in our guts that we need for proper immune function. Fiber is indispensable for proper digestion that guards against bloat, and most packaged foods are stripped of fiber. Fiber comes in many forms, but try to get your fiber from veggies that are also low in calories, like broccoli, artichokes, berries, and beans. Here are 10 more ways to eat better.

Be Deep

Getting a deep good night’s sleep can keep cortisol levels in check as well, which means you store less fat and improve your immune function. Getting enough sleep can also help you to control appetite naturally and help to improve your mood which means less stress.

Skip the sleeping pills and try these easy ways to slip into a deeper sleep.Stop all intake of caffeine by noon for a deeper sleep, caffeine typically takes about 8 to 10 hours to wear off. Invest in a sleep mask for a deeper uninterrupted sleep, even as the early morning sun rays start to pour into your windows. Limit alcohol intake on evenings when you want to sleep tight. Drinking alcohol can make your blood sugar dip in the middle of the night, jolting you wide awake at 3 or 4 am when you should be getting your beauty rest. If you’re worried about being a party pooper during a festive shindig, then bring a bottle of sparkling water with fresh lime wedges. Sipping a non alcoholic sparkling will make you look like the life of the party without the booze!

A Little Exercise Goes a Long Way

Create your own mini-exercise routine that doesn’t require special clothing or equipment. Yoga, pilates, running around the block, and power walking with your pooch are ideal for this. When I have to travel for work, I know that I can do my yoga routine in any small hotel room in my PJ’s first thing in the morning or right before bed. No mat necessary. Studies show that exercising just 30 minutes a day (that can also be broken up into moderately intense 15 minute spurt) can seriously sharpen your memory.

Positives Attract

Have you ever had the experience of spending time with someone and feeling completely drained? I call the experience the old “mojo zap”. Chances are that the person has negative energy or is transferring some of their unhappiness onto you – it might be in such a subtle way that you don’t even realize what is happening. On the other hand, very positive people who have a good opinion of themselves and others have the opposite effect. They make you feel energized and can even leave you feeling good hours after you’ve left their company. Want to learn to attract more positive people? Start by monitoring your own thoughts and comments when you’re spending time around others, and stop focusing on negative thoughts. Staying positive can attract good people and great experiences to you every day.

Breath Easy and Visualize

Having trouble controlling your thoughts? Control your breath, that’s the first step!
Find a quiet space where you can sit comfortably for at least 10 minutes. Take deep breaths in – through the nose and out through the mouth. While you continue to breathe, visualize bright white light surrounding you or images that make you happy, a beach, your favorite pet, or someone who you love. Taking a break to breath and relax can do wonders to calm your stress levels and re-oxygenate your blood. Learn about other breathing exercise.

The Next Big Thing

I recently met a “young man” in his 70’s at a party who was one of the liveliest guests and I asked him how he kept his spirit so young. He replied “I get up every morning and say ‘What’s next?’” Keeping yourself inspired and intellectually stimulated is just as important to the health of your body as food is. So much of how we feel effects the way our bodies function and our energy levels, so if life seems humdrum, start a plan to work inspiration into your life. Finding ways to have fun isn’t hard it can be as simple as meeting a new friend, finding new hobby, or find a way to surprise yourself today. Try something that makes you nervous – something you’ve always wanted to try.

Clear Clutter

Even if you don’t believe in Feng Shui, clearing out clutter can be an extremely useful tool for good emotional health. Hunting around for keys, clothes, or phones, only makes you feel more stressed when you’re under a deadline. Knowing where things are will not only give you more time but it will make you feel you’re on top of things. If it’s office clutter that’s got your down? Clearing it up could mean greater productivity, which translate into that raise, promotion or more fun time!