Four Fast Tomato Sauces

four fast tomato saucesWhat’s the key to a quick and tasty, light tomato sauce?

It’s not sleight of hand – it all has to do with the way you cook your ingredients.

Simple tomato sauces are so easy to make and they can taste so much better than the jarred, store-bought alternatives.

Contrary to popular belief, you can make a delicious Italian sauce without spending hours at the stove. Here are four luscious, savory sauces to dress pasta, serve with bread sticks and breaded zucchini, or even for topping pizza dough.

  • The Classic – This is a flavorful, easy, plain tomato sauce can be served with any pasta. Kids like this sauce since it’s plain, but you’ll like it since it has plenty of tangy tomato flavor.
  • The Goodfella – I dedicate this sauce to one of the best mobster movies of all times. However, I don’t use a razor blade to cut the garlic – a pairing knife will do just fine. It’s got a rich garlic flavor and a slight kick from hot chili.
  • Tangy Puttanesca – This traditional Italian sauce gets its spunky flavor from anchovies and olives – but I add even more flavor and protein with tuna. It’s also great served room temperature if you want to make it ahead. You can even use the leftovers to top bruschetta.
  • Grandma’s Special – I call this one Grandma’s special because my Granny used to always cook her sauce with pork.

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