Healthy Cooking & Tips

The posts in this section focus on cooking techniques, tips and tricks to amp up taste while dialing down fat and calories. After working in many New York City restaurant kitchens for years, it's now time to share those Skinny Chef secrets!

Healthy Jalapeño Poppers


I don’t believe in giving up anything when it comes to food, so I created this version of baked jalapeño poppers that retain the yummy contrast of creamy filling with crunchy breadcrumb coating!

Cheap Ways To Go Gluten-Free

How To Go Gluten-Free

Worried about your food budget sky-rocketing because you need to go gluten-free? Eating gluten-free the economical way is easier than you think… and here’s how to take the “gluten guesswork” out!

Tasty Ways to Cook Eggplant


“Oily Eggplant” is eggplant lovers and haters biggest complaint! Here’s how to achieve that soft, well-cooked texture without overdoing it with oil or loads of breading…

How To Cook With Pumpkin

How To Cook With Pumpkin

Many of you only think of pumpkins when they appear annually in Thanksgiving day pumpkin pies or perhaps around Halloween when they are carved to ward off evil spirits. But in terms of nutrition and everyday healthy cooking, there is nothing to be afraid of here.

The Do’s and Don’ts for Cooking Kale


People tell me that they’ve tried to like kale, but just never managed to make it taste good. Follow my Do’s and Don’ts of kale cookery so you can make totally tasty, crisp, sweet, or finger lickin’ good kale while avoiding common cooking snafus!

Is Chocolate Healthy?


There is a word for you: ‘chocoholic,’ when you ‘need’ chocolate. Nothing else will do. Just thinking about hot fudge drizzling over ice cream raises your spirits. So what is unique about chocolate?

Salads for Fall and Winter


Don’t miss out on amazingly colorful fall and winter produce that’s perfect to give your salads some serious gourmet flair.

Scrambled Eggs, 5 Deliciously Healthy Ways

cooking eggs

From a fitness standpoint, eggs are one of the perfect foods: It’s an encapsulated source of very high-quality protein and very high-quality fat. Plus, they cook up super-fast, so here are five easy ways for a healthy and delicious breakfast.