Slim Down Your Cookout

For Self Magazine’s ‘Summer Eating Special’, I recently created five recipes that trim more than 300 calories and 30 grams of fat from your backyard feast with tasty takes on barbecue classics.

Cooking with Lavender

Lavender has a refreshing clean smell that is unmistakeable, which has made it a scent in the forefront of the perfume industry. But lavender isn’t just for soap and shampoo, I use it to flavor summer dishes!

How To Make Vanilla Ice Cream

When I was a kid, ice cream was synonymous with summer. I had a trained ear and could pick out the perky chimes of the ice cream truck from miles away. Here’s my recipe for home-made vanilla ice cream…

Deviled Eggs

Some of the old fashioned favorites have never gone out of style, take Deviled Eggs for example. Have you ever made hard-boiled eggs, where the yolk has a dark greenish hue? Here’s how to get around that…

Making Summer Burgers Slimming!

Check out the Iatest issue of ‘First For Women’ if you want my tips on making summer burgers slimming! In its June 2009 issue, Stephanie Izard, June Lin and I share our ‘chef’s secrets’ on getting more flavor into burgers with less beef!

Baked Tomatoes with Grapes

I was recently leafing through Michele Scicolone’s cookbook ‘The Antipasto Table’, coming across a recipe that I tried over seven years ago… and yes, it sounds like a bizarre combo.