Halloween Party Pasta

Pumpkin TortelliniI love to host a party around Halloween time – dressing up is optional, eating is a must! Every year I’m reminded of a story my Granny tells at Halloween. She is the queen of holiday celebrations and always had plenty of food, decorations and guests.

One Halloween, as she was giving away the best treats in the neighborhood, my family cat, Ariadne – black as night – decided to show off by stretching and cleaning her paws in the window. Just then, a little boy from across the street rang the doorbell. “Hey lady, did you rent that cat?” he asked my Granny, who responded quickly, “Yes, we just got her yesterday but she expires tomorrow!”

In my latest post on AOL, check out m recipe for Pumpkin Tortellini with Sage and other menu ideas to host your own “Black and Orange” Halloween fest. The catch? You’ll have to rent your own black cat!