Trick or Sweet?

Hazy Ginger MoonsNo question about it, Halloween was one of my favorite holidays growing up. Which pint-sized, sugar addict won’t love the idea of free candy?

All the kids had pillow cases handy and carefully planned-out costumes, some parents would toil hours to bring these masquerade masterpieces to life.

The one thing that stands out in my mind was the year I was Wonder Woman.

To a re-run watching, pre-teen girl in the 1980’s, Wonder Woman had all the things you wanted but didn’t have yet: charm, gobs of gold jewelry, and a killer figure – heck, she got to parade around in her underwear, and that’s just what I did that year for Halloween.

We used a set of underoos as the base for a body suit that had the blue-and-white star-covered undies and camisole with a big gold eagle on the front. My dad took a rubber-coated clothes line and gilded it with gold spray paint for the “lasso of truth”, and I had deflecting arm bands, plus a crown fitted into a real ebony wig, from an honest to goodness wig shop that was already styled into a bubble gum flip.

Now that I’m all grown-up, I still enjoy dressing up for Halloween (minus the underoos of course). But one thing has changed, my view on sweets and treats – less is definitely more!

I created these “hazy ginger moons” with that in mind, part cookie, part candy, that are not overly sweet. They’re ideal for impromptu trick-or-treaters because these no-bake treats come together quickly.

Hazy Ginger Moons


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