Archives for February 2008

Eat Like An Actor

Ever wonder how actors get fit and how they maintain their weight in between roles? Take a trip with me to the Royal Theater in New York City. I have a birthday surprise for my friend Chad Carpenter who is preparing for his next role. Will he be able to resist my extra ‘rich’ Devil’s Food Cake that I just baked for him?

March 2008 Newsletter: Shamrocks and Spring On The Way

Celebrating two of my favorite holidays, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter, I’m dedicating this newsletter to my Granny, ‘Patricia’, born on the March 17th! Even though she isn’t Irish, she certainly has had a lot of ‘luck’ with her dishes. Queen of our family kitchen, she has passed on some fierce cooking skills and many cooking tips that you can see on the site.

Herbed Leg of Lamb

My Granny used to cook a large leg of lamb every year for our large Easter gathering, along with small roasted red potatoes. She would set the table with a basket centerpiece that displayed her antique collection of hand carved, wooden Ukrainian eggs brought back from her travels around the world.

Delicious Superfoods

Listen to the radio interviews below to learn how easy it is to incorporate superfoods like grapefruit into your diet. I share many of my favorite tips and kitchen tricks over the air waves to anyone who wants to look a feel better, including busy parents, sports buffs, working singles, and growing teens.

Chilies, Can They Help You to Control Your Weight?

I am a huge fan of spicy hot chili peppers. When it comes to adding a little heat and whole lot of flavor to food with zero fat, no processed sugars, and hardly any calories at all – chilies are a one of my best friends!

What is Agave Syrup?

Agave syrup is a sweetener made from the heart of the agave plant native to Mexico, the same plant that is used in tequila production. It has thinner texture than honey and a sweet, mild taste that makes it great for baking, a perfect topping for hot cereal, and ideal for sweetening drinks.

Irish Drop Cookies

I call these cookies ‘Irish’ because their green hue makes them perfect for St. Patty’s Day. Instead of using food coloring, I mix in anti-oxidant green tea powder that helps make these low-sugar cookies even healthier!

Skinny Chef's Recipe in 'In Style'

Florida’s super fruit, grapefruit, can add some serious sparks to your Valentine’s Day, as you can see from my recipes in the February 2008 issue of ‘In Style’ magazine.