Archives for July 2009

Slim Down Your Cookout

For Self Magazine’s ‘Summer Eating Special’, I recently created five recipes that trim more than 300 calories and 30 grams of fat from your backyard feast with tasty takes on barbecue classics.

Dance Your Ass Off

The other night, I tuned in to ‘Dance Your Ass Off’ to see what their nutrition and fitness plan would entail. The first thing I noticed was how handsome and beautiful all the dancers are.

Healthy Eating Tips: Snacking Refresh

Revamping your family’s snacking habits can result in huge health benefits – in my latest video on AOL, I share smart snack swaps to keep your family smiling and satisfied between meals.

Vital Juice

I ‘ve been cruising around a new site that has some great tips, from 15 minutes of sane talks about the health benefits of vedic meditation to ‘get skinny in 10 minute’ that explains how to exercise even if you have only 10 minutes to spare.

Stomach Soothing –

Self Magazine writer Merritt Watts woke up the other day with serious stomach aches – and when she researched the topic online, she came across Jennifer’s ‘What’s Eating You?’ post. Merit admits, there is one person she never thought to turn to for eating advice – a chef!

Pomegranate Margarita –

The editors of ‘Taste of Park City’ magazine included my pomegranate margarita as one of their ‘Favorite Summer Cocktails, Mojitos, Martinis, Margs, and More!’

Healthy Eating Tips: Pantry Refresh

Did you realize that small changes in kitchen staples can help your family get healthy, almost effortlessly? In my latest video feature on AOL Food, I share smart grocery shopping swaps to pack maximum health benefits into everyday eating. How healthy is your pantry?

Cooking with Lavender

Lavender has a refreshing clean smell that is unmistakeable, which has made it a scent in the forefront of the perfume industry. But lavender isn’t just for soap and shampoo, I use it to flavor summer dishes!