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Deliberate Life

DeliberateLIFE is a new lifestyle publication inspiring people to live well and do good by making intentional choices about how they spend their time and money, engage in their communities, and understand global issues.

5 Fun Ways to Use Citrus

Citrus is bright, fragrant and a wonderfully healthy ingredient you can enjoy year-round. Try one of these five fresh ways to use citrus and liven up your kitchen.

3 Weightloss Tips from Ayurveda

Ayurveda is a 5000-year-old medical system created by the Rishis, or wise men of ancient India. Ayurveda isn’t just about mixing herbs, it gives detailed instructions on how to treat the body, improve the mind, and find balance in our changing environment. So here’s what the rishi’s say about weightloss…

Best Tasting Superfoods for Juicing

When you juice with superfoods, it’s the ultimate way to give yourself a burst of nutrition and recharge your body any time you need an energy boost. Check out my favorite juices, and my take on whether you should go organic…

Kale Fudge Pops: “50 Shades of Kale”

My brand new, full-color version of ‘Fifty Shades of Kale’, co-authored with Dr. Drew Ramsey is available now in bookstores. Here’s a sneak peak to tempt you: a perfect summer frozen treat.

Some Like it Really Hot: Habanero

Are you a bona fide chili freak like me? Then habaneros surely rank high on your list of favorite foods. Check out this post to learn how to pick, chop and enjoy habaneros.

June 2013 Newsletter

Summer is a great time to get cooking outdoors, and enjoying good times with friends, reconnecting with extended families and making great summer memories. Check out the June newsletter for great information on barbequing, local farmer’s markets and more…

How to Pick and Store Produce

cking produce isn’t an art, it’s a science! Once you learn theses simple tips, you’ll be a pro around the produce isle. The best place to get the freshest produce is always your local farmer’s market, where it’s simple to eat seasonally.