Deliberate Life

I was recently contacted by Fay, the editor of an amazing new magazine that really resonates with me.

It’s deliberateLIFE, a lifestyle publication written by and for busy people — “inspiring people to live well and do good by making intentional choices about how they spend their time and money, engage in their communities, and understand global issues.”


Fay and other writers share good information and can help readers make practical choices with beautiful entertaining, gardening, cooking and living tips that are both fun and practical. Fay says that “Deliberate living is about recognizing the ripple effect that our lives have, and choosing to make thoughtful choices because of this reality. It is our hope to inspire and challenge our readers with fun, practical ideas about making deliberate choices that positively impact our world.”

pineapple-caipI loved the article about Lauren Colly, founder of Lavender Grey Events. She mentioned that “a great way to make your guest feel welcomed is to give them a little something to take home.” I noticed that she made raspberry scones to give away, but I also love the idea of giving sprouted herbs for your guests to plant. DeliberateLIFE’s yard-to-table article on backyard farming gives great tips which herbs grow well from seeds and how to start seedlings with minimal planting space.

Other goodies readers will enjoy? Your Deliberate Inebriate column is right up my alley since I entertain so much! I’m always looking for fresh cocktail ideas and I love their fresh selection. The mango jalapeno caipirinha looks amazing, and thanks so much for sharing! To get other recipes you can subscribe to Deliberate Life on your ipad…

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