10 Healthy Summer Habits to Take Back to the Office

Healthy Summer Habits

Who doesn’t love the summer months, the sun, fresh fruits and veggies, and best of all, time to play and rest. Eating light is easier in the summer, but what happens when fall weather hits, kids start back to school, and life at the office gets hectic? Here are 10 easy tips to help keep that slender summer figure in check going into the fall months.

1. Drink to your health.

Under the hot summer sun, I noticed that people are more conscious of drinking water and iced teas. Continue the habit into fall and remember to make it a low-cal or calorie-free drink. As the weather gets colder, stock your desk drawer with some fragrant teas to warm you with when the leaves outside start to fall. I like Yogi Teas because they use tasty spices and herbs for flavor.

2. Keep on grilling.

Keep grilling throughout Fall and Winter by investing in an inexpensive grill pan for your stove top. Grilling low-fat meats and vegetables can be flavorful and gentle on the waistline. Prepare your favorite marinade ahead of time. Tuck in chicken, beef, or veggies the night before to have a super-fast, healthy meal the next night.

3. Stay cool, don’t sweat the small stuff.

Summer brings a feeling of ease and joy with plenty of vacation, relaxing on the beach, and long warm evenings. Keep in the spirit of feeling relaxed even when work starts to get hectic. Stay cool with easy exercises, meditation, and do ahead cooking tips that will keep mealtime stress to a minimum.

4. Work it.

Make a promise to yourself to stay active. Keep your exercise routine, even if you don’t belong to a gym or yoga studio or can’t afford it. Find some simple exercises you can do 15-30 minutes every day before or after work. When my schedule is tight, I turn on the TV and follow along with a yoga video to save on travel time.

5. Hold on to the sunshine and smile.

One thing I learned from working in close quarters with people as a private chef: no one likes a grouch. Smiling and laughter can be the best remedy for the cold weather blues and a tough day at the office. Don’t lose that sunny feeling from summer. Remember to greet your co-workers in the hall with a grin. It takes a lot less energy to smile than frown and studies show that it will make you feel better in an instant. Best part? It’s a caffeine-free pick-me-up!

6. Don’t fall into the heavy food trap.

During hot summer days, most people enjoy lighter foods with more vegetables and tend to eat smaller portions. With cooler months, it’s natural to crave heavier foods. But if you want to preserve your svelt summer look, continue to enjoy plenty of veggies and choose low-fat protein like chicken, turkey, and fish to lighten up your favorite fall dishes.

7. Contain it.

Are you on a budget? Summer vacation can be hard on the finances. Buy a travel mug and make your favorite coffee drink at home. Most of my friends who work in offices buy large coffee drinks from gourmet shops every morning that cost $4-$5 dollars. So over a week we’re talking $20 – wow $80 a month! Brew your own coffee while you get ready in the morning and add in your favorite milk, grassfed dairy, coconut or almond. Save on time waiting in line, not to mention all the calories and fat from the whole milk they use! For about $8 you can buy a pound of excellent coffee.

8. Comfort is key.

Get your rest. Summer months with energizing sun rays, casual Fridays, and long weekends are the perfect time to rest. As your schedule becomes more hectic this fall, make a “private space” in your house. Everyone needs quiet time. If you’re a busy mom, make a corner of the house where no one can enter and give yourself 5-10 minutes rest every day, or more time if you can afford it. Get cozy! Make your bedroom irresistible with soft pillows and flannel sheets that warm quickly to your tired bod! Sleep is so important when it comes to good health and helps to regulate your hormones and nervous system.

9. Seeing is eating.

If you’ve cut back on sweets to keep that summer figure trim, keep it that way! Filling your cabinets, kitchen drawers, and fridge with high fat snacks only makes them more tempting and accessible. Fill your house will healthy snacks instead, like whole grain pretzels, pre-cut fruit, and veggie sticks, along with yogurts, low-fat cheeses, and dips. Eating snacks with whole grains will not only help you feel full with less but the fiber content will help you to stay trim.

10. Get ahead and make it ahead.

Pack your lunch. Sounds like extra work but it is so worth it! Eating out constantly in cafeterias and restaurants pack on the calories and fat. It’s sometimes tough to know how much fat and calories you are consuming when eating out. Even packing your lunch a few times a week can make a big difference to your waistline and your wallet.

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