It’s A Wrap – Here Are The Winners

The first set of episodes from the new web series 350 Degrees – One Hot Cooking Show aired over the past three weeks on General Mill’s – and I am sure you’ve enjoyed the mayhem and cooking challenges that my fellow judges and I were asked to supervise.

Looking back, I realize how versatile and fun experimental baking can be: even home cooks who don’t have the background of a recipe writer or professional chef can be extremely creative with baked goods that taste great while baking under pressure. Just imagine what an inexperienced baker can make with a good recipe and a few ingredients!

Challenge 3 | You Left Your Cake Out in the What?

Betty Crocker brings out the artist in everyone! With 45 minutes on the clock, contestants had to plan, frost and decorate a cake. The challenge was that it had to match the summer theme each contestant selected at random – which wasn’t exactly a piece of cake.

Challenge 2 | You Made It, You Eat It

Contestants were given Betty Crocker cookie mix and instructed to make anything they wanted – except cookies. Certainly, this wasn’t the cooking show they thought it was! To add to the fun, the three competitors had to incorporate an unusual item – but host Martin Cole thought to add one more twist to keep things interesting.

Challenge 1 | Flying by the Seat of Your Pants

In this first challenge, contestants were asked to create a unique pan of brownies to serve 12 friends at an impromptu BBQ. Easy enough, as Ricky, Ashley and Mary had access to many special ingredients from the Betty Crocker test kitchens. True to the spirit of a baking competition, we blacked out the directions and the recipe on the back of the Betty Crocker baking mix. See how this first challenge turned out!

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