5 Common Cooking Mistakes That Add The Weight

Just when you think you’re doing something healthy like cooking at home, you might be surprised about several common mistakes that could be adding inches to your waistline! In this segment, which aired in March 2009 on Better TV, I discuss the top five cooking mistakes that add on the weight and how to easily overcome them:

  • Don’t Be Cheesy – Many people cook with cheese – pizza, lasagna – but many cheese contain too much saturated fat.
  • Don’t Be Picky – Every home cook likes to taste as they go along, but if you’re picking too much, that could add up to a whole meal worth of calories.
  • Don’t Be Colorblind – Load up on green vegetables so that you know you’re getting your dose of vitamins and nutrients – the trick is how to add a little extra flavoring.
  • Don’t Be Washed Out – White processed grains are everywhere, but you should use whole-grain whenever possible – its bran and added fiber content will make your meals so much healthier
  • Don’t Be A Grease Monkey – Watch how much oil you’re using – though it may be olive oil, it still contains fat that will show up on your waistline.

Wanna know what I mean by these titles? Watch the video and hear my tips on how to overcome these mistakes.

How Do I Start?

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