Cherry Crush Lemonade

Lemonade fits the bill as a refreshing summertime drink while you’re cooling at the pool, finishing lawn work, or just need a break. I love the way pink lemonade looks, but I don’t want the unnecessary red food coloring or high fructose corn syrup that can be found in most commercial brands.

Blending in cherries makes your lemonade naturally flavorful, pretty and pink. I just bought a huge bag of the Bing variety, recalling the scene from ‘The Witches of Eastwick’ wherein Cher and friends are gobbling down fresh cherries while Jack Nicholson – playing the Devil – has to spit out the pits. I don’t mind them so much; they come out easily with a paring knife or an inexpensive cherry pitter.

Pomegranate and acai get a lot of press for their benefits, but cherries can also add to your antioxidant arsenal. They’re also packed with vitamins and unique compounds that help your body fight sun damage, wrinkles and even cancer. Cherry juice is also a proven pain remedy for people suffering from gout because it has the ability to lower uric acid which causes inflammation in joint tissue.

Aside from the health benefits, cherries blended with lemon can make a gorgeous frothy summer drink that kids like too. Read the full article and get the recipe »

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