Chipotle Chili in Adobo

chipotle in adoboChipotle is a jalapeno all grown-up, ripened, smoked, and slightly shriveled. You can buy them dried, but I prefer the canned chipotle in a spiced tomato sauce called adobo.

It’s the secret to my spicy lime mayo that I serve with my chipotle orange shrimp and a delight for anyone who appreciates the heat, depth, and tang that chilies bring to the meal.

Ways to Enjoy Chipotle

  • Chipotle pairs well with lime and orange: toss citrus segment along with chipotle in your seafood salad or to top grilled chicken
  • Blend with low-fat sour cream for a killer chili topping
  • Add a teaspoon of adobo sauce along with 1/2 chili to your Bloody Mary recipe
  • Fold chopped chipotle into your corn bread batter

Skinny Chef Recipes That Use Chipotle

Chipotle Calamari Salad
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Pulled Pork

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