Cold Prevention

Grapefruit SqueezeNo one likes catching a cold! The two best ways to protect yourself during cold season are to stay hydrated and to have plenty of vitamin C. Foods like grapefruit, carrots, and spinach score high in both categories and happen to be low in calories as well!

So why is staying hydrated so important to ward off the common cold? Humans are made up of more than 70% water so we need to keep replenishing for our bodies to function normally. I was surprised to read in an article that you can start to feel the effects after just 2% water loss! Once you become dehydrated, toxins can build up in your system, weakening your immunity – something to avoid at all cost when little neighbor Billy with the runny nose gives you a big kiss! Drinking water will certainly help to keep you hydrated, but did you know that you can also help your body stay hydrated longer by eating foods that are high in water content?

Grapefruit SqueezeNow we know that water is the way to go! What about the C? Vitamin C is essential for many bodily functions and has antioxidant properties that help your body protect itself from cell damage. Many studies claim that vitamin C doesn’t help stop a cold once you’ve caught it, while some scientists still say that it helps to protect you and decrease the severity of the cold once you’ve got it. One thing is for sure, strengthening your immune system can help you feel and look better! Find out more about foods that are high in antioxidants to strengthen immunity like grapefruit and goji berries.

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