Dance Your Ass Off

dance your ass offThe other night, I tuned in to “Dance Your Ass Off” to see what their nutrition and fitness plan would entail. All the contestants were flown in from all over the US and the first thing I noticed was how handsome and beautiful all the dancers are, granted that they need to shed some pounds to find a healthier weight and avoid life-threatening conditions that chronic weight gain brings with it.

Eat or Cheat Cabinet

They zeroed in on each dancer, who shared their personal story about weigh gain. Next, they focused in on two large cabinets labeled “Eat” or “Cheat”.

As a former emotional eater, I noticed right away that the negative word “cheat” went with the junk food and the action word “eat” (with no emotional ties) was linked with the healthy food.

A charming blonde with tons of personality named Carla said “I don’t want to be fat anymore, I just want to be beautiful” and I thought, well you are beautiful and now you have a chance to learn to love yourself by treating your body with the care it deserves.

I’m sure her rigorous dance training will help with that, but retraining the brain – to see “junk” food with new eyes and a new mind (that will no longer crave it) – may take a little longer.

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