Decadent 100 Calorie Snacks

Green and Black's Ginger ChocolateHealthy snacks under 100 calories have been the topic of morning TV segments, in blogs and in magazines, but I find that some of those snacks mentioned don’t satisfy me when I’m really hungry before meal time.

Packaged snacks of candy, crackers, and chips can be convenient because they are parceled out for 100 calories a bag, but many times they have zero nutrients and may contain things like artificial colorings, high fructose corn syrup, and trans-fats. So here are some ideas for snacking on real foods that are under 100 calories each!

Tall, Dark, and Chocolate

Everyone I know loves chocolate, including me, but not all chocolate bars are created equally. My bar of choice, Ginger Green and Black’s has bits of crunchy crystallized ginger and is high in real antioxidant cocoa which you won’t find in most of those phony milk chocolate bars you’ll see in the candy isle. Six substantial squares of this indulgence are only 100 calories. Pretty sweet if you ask me! In the mood for more chocolate? Try my recipe for chocolate sorbet flavored with coriander and cinnamon.

Sometimes You Feel Like a Nut

When you’re craving something rich with a bit salt, nuts can really hit the spot. Health gurus and workout queens alike talk about the “12 almond rule”- in other words, limit your handful of almonds to 12 to stay within the 100 calories. They’re absolutely right, however sticking to just plain almonds can get tired. Try the new and classic flavors from the Diamond brand. My three favorites are Lime and Chili, Jalapeño Smokehouse, and bold, tangy Wasabi and Soy Sauce.

Fresh Popped

Looking for a larger 100 calorie snack that will really fill you up when you’re nibbling your fingernails hours before dinner time? Popcorn is a great choice, but not the store bought kind that can be surprisingly high in fat and preservatives. Try making your own like this recipe for spiced popcorn that has the tang of lime. 2 cups are just 100 calories.

Fry Fix

Looking for something else for that salt craving? What about a handful of crisp fries? Nosh on 2 ounces of these gorgeous sweet potato fries that will stop hunger pangs in their tracks along with almost half your daily needs for vitamin A.

Skinny Dipping with Chocolate

Chocolate covered strawberries aren’t just for Valentine’s Day splurges, you can have them all year long if you replace the milk chocolate with a good quality chocolate syrup. Take four large strawberries with one tablespoon of chocolate syrup.

Skinny Dipping with Caramel

Caramel is one of my favorite dessert toppings and just like chocolate syrup it can be low in fat content, depending on the brand. Enjoy two teaspoons of caramel sauce drizzled over one small sliced apple, about 5 ounces.

The Mini Meal

Sometimes a small tidy portion just doesn’t cut it. Try this hunger buster mini meal. Spread one tablespoon of hummus inside one small pita along with a handful of raw baby spinach leaves.

Cracker Attack

Remember those cracker packs that all the kids had in their lunch boxes, a neat stack of butter crackers and plastic red spatula to spread over that orange blob of cheese? Here’s a grown-up version with whole grains and leaner cheese. Try one wedge of light laughing cow cheese spread over seven TLC crackers.

Sweet and Salty

Why not kill two cravings with one snack? Sweet juicy watermelon contrasts well with salty cheese. Toss 1 1/4 cups cubed watermelon with 2 tablespoons feta cheese.

Breakfast Can Be Snack Time

Didn’t get enough at breakfast? Have a breakfast snack! Top one whole wheat waffle with two large sliced strawberries, fold over and enjoy.

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