Easy Summer Entertaining

Want some easy tips on summer entertaining? Wow your guests by cooking with cheap tools professional chefs use in restaurant kitchens.

“Use the right tool for the right job,” my dad always used to say. It’s easy and inexpensive when you use these kitchen wonders that can make your meals come out like elegant restaurant fare.



I hate struggling with a peeler that isn’t sharp enough, so this one, a $4 peeler from Swissmar, works wonders on potatoes, but you can also use it to shave parmesan to add to salads or thinly shave raw asparagus and top with lemon juice, olive oil, salt and freshly ground black pepper.


microplane kitchen tool

Add zest to your cooking with this handy grater that can also be used to grate whole spices. I use mine to add freshly grated whole nutmeg to pasta dishes and baked goods. Try add lemon or grapefruit zest to citrus-based summer cocktails or add zing to classic drinks like mojito or margaritas.

Japanese Mandoline

mandoline kitchen tool

Gorgeous thinly sliced veg – make a shaved fennel and salad topped with orange segments, and parmesan that you’ve sliced thinly with your peeler. Even if you’re not comfortable using a knife, that mandoline is the easiest and fastest way to make paper-thin slices of veggies from everything like cucumber salad to zucchini for summer lasagna, or thinly sliced celery, onions and peppers to add to potato salad for extra crunch.

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