Making Summer Burgers Slimming!

Jennifer Iserloh in First For WomenMake sure you grab a copy of the Iatest issue of First For Women if you want my tips on making summer burgers slimming!

The magazine is dedicated to healthy living made easy, and in its June 2009 issue, Stephanie Izard, June Lin and I share our “chef’s secrets” on getting more flavor into burgers with less beef.

“I always use extra-lean beef when making burgers at home, but they sometimes lack the big flavor punch of restauarant-style patties. To add savory flavor, I like to mix in a little toasted flaxseed. Then I add a splash of skim milk and Worcestershire sauce for extra moisture.”

Izard, winner of season 4 of Bravo’s Top Chef, favors mixing in rice to rev metabolism, while Lin likes to add mushrooms.

First For Women


  1. Mary Rayner-O'Brien says

    I need recipes for scones I foolishly loaned out, specifically cheese/chives.thank you.

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