Nachos Grande

A grande platter of nachos doesn’t have to ruin your waistline come Superbowl Sunday, especially when you use ground turkey, pureed vegetables and part-skim mozzarella as the topping. Complement the nachos with a batch of these satisfying nachos, accompanied by pickled jalapeno salsa.

Catch this tenth episode of “Food Courting” right now, in time for the Super Bowl this Sunday. And if you’ve missed the previous episodes, you can watch them here as well:


  1. sindy smith says

    Hi I am Sindy …we tried to connect awhile back but never did. I just wanted to say I have my cooking club cooking from your cook book and Giada’s and everyone has loved your recipes ( and not so much the other)…It has been fun to taste all your wonder recipes….we are ready for another book!!! If you ever come to Dallas we would love for you to join us!!!

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