Grocery Carts and Peacocks

peacock at the grocery storeIn this part of Germany located in Westphalia, there is organic everywhere, for miles. From “bio farms” – where some have a shop directly on the farm property – to small vegetable stands and enormous farmers’ markets.

On our recent trip to Germany, we past lengthy wheat fields, pulling into the drive way to my mother-in-law’s favorite “bio” shop. A large peacock guarded the front door and strutted around the shopping carts. He barked at a rooster who dared to cross his path while winking at the curvaceous hens. He was clearly the king of the grocery carts, but where was the peahen?

We stepped into the Biohof Schulze Schleppinghoff, clean and bright, with glowing floor tiles. Each and every product was 100% organic from lentils and sausages, to tomatoes and face cream – a gourmet hub to rival any located in East or West New York City.

peacock at the grocery storeThe rest of the farm is as old fashioned as they come dating from the 1700s. Peacocks aren’t the only pets who roamed the property – dozens of cats and this friendly speckled setter welcomed me at the dining room door of the farm house cottage.

White-washed with a chocolate-brown wood trim and a narrow cobble stone path, could this have been the sort of house that inspired the Brothers Grimm to tell their tales of grandmothers and witches?

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