Healthy Cheats For Natural Weight Loss

Just launched my latest book on Amazon: “Healthy Cheats: Natural Weight Loss Guide Plus 100 Deliciously Healthy Recipes“.

The video above explains my top 3 principles to make permanent weight loss a reality, plus explains how you can get my free bonus materials.

It’s not about memorizing and preaching about calories, but making better choices based on accepted healthy weight loss concepts such as fat burning foods, fat content, fat loss, portion size, fresh vs. processed, and nutritional labels – a very different approach from so many other diets.

Not only is cooking and eating at home cheaper and healthier, it also strengthens family ties and promotes social skills. My goal is to change the misconception that preparing simple meals is hard and time-consuming.

I aspire to change the way Americans eat and live, one family at a time — by providing people with the tools and nutrition understanding so that they can help themselves to lead healthier and happier lives.

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  1. I would lobe to put a review of this on my website! Is there any way I can get a promotional copy?

  2. Thanks a lot Jennifer for sharing such a innovative idea of weight loss. Wonderful video.

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