Healthy Solution for Indian Take-Out

ethnic cottage sauceTake-out Indian food is one of my favorite treats since traditional Indian sauces can be extremely time-consuming to make – with a long list of spices, herbs, and many chopped vegetables that go into each and every dish.

I’ve come to appreciate that someone else can make it fresh for you and simply deliver a variety of exotic dishes right to your door, but I don’t love the extra fat that comes along with it. Yet I’ve got to have those fragrant spices of tikka masalas, kormas, and kabobs waft out of the delivery bag as soon as your open it.

One possible solution to enjoy these flavors and dishes more often, with less cooking, and less fat and calories:

Last week, I cooked cubed-up chicken and veggies, testing out a new jarred Tikki Marsala sauce. Not only are these jarred sauces from Ethnic Cottage handy and store in your cabinet for up to 6 months, but the flavors are as delicious as your favorite Indian take-out:

Only they are super healthy, low in fat, and even low in sodium. The Tikka Cooking Sauce and the Massaman Curry are my favorites, but all the sauces I tried were tasty, and now I have my “better than take-out” option for healthy Indian food that you can whip together in 15 minutes.

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