How to Open a Champagne Bottle

Beautifully bubbly, champagne makes any special occasion better and a simple meal festive. In today’s post, I’m going to tell you how to safely pop the cork. It might seem exciting to let the cork bounce around the room until a set of someone’s antique champagne flutes goes crashing to the floor. So why not look like a pro at your next party and open the bubbly with ease.

How To Open a Champagne Bottle1. Carefully peel off the foil from the top of the bottle. The foil can be sharp, so watch your pinkies! I have a few little scars to prove it, so discard the foil somewhere safe away from doggies that roam the floor or kids who love shiny objects.

How To Open a Champagne Bottle2. Have a clean dishtowel within reach, and place the champagne on a countertop close to a sink. The cage, or metal wire basket around the top keeps the cork from slipping out since the bubbly can be under quite a bit pressure.

How To Open a Champagne Bottle3. Unwind the metal cage slowly. The metal cage keeps a very pressured cork in place so have a dishtowel handy to place directly over the top of the cork once the cage is removed. Discard or save it to make a miniature chair for fun.

How To Open a Champagne Bottle4. With one hand on the dishtowel covered cork and the other on the neck of the bottle, wiggle the cork back and forth slowly until you feel it begin to move, but keep the bottle resting on the counter so it doesn’t slip.

How To Open a Champagne Bottle5. Be prepared for a slight pop as you release it — the champagne usually doesn’t froth so you don’t have to waste a precious drop! Serve and tost to the host!

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  1. I just bought a really nice bottle of champagne to surprise my husband! Our anniversary is this weekend and I thought it would add a nice touch. Sadly I have never even opened a bottle before, but I am going to look like a pro now! Thank you for sharing!

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