Is Butter Better?

is butter bad for youNothing smells better than melted butter. The other day I was craving soft-cooked bananas, so I heated up a small skillet and took a slender slice of butter and dropped it in the pan. I added sliced bananas, cinnamon, and a sprinkle of stevia as a fast dessert.

A Little Bit of Butter Goes A Long Way

Ok, so now you’ve got me. Skinny Chef eats butter, but is butter really bad, or could it be better as some of the latest health trends indicate? Back when I started this site in 2003 butter was deemed bad since it’s high in saturated fat that was previously linked to heart issues, and they jury still seems to be out on that. This is one of the reasons I initially recommended trans-fat free margarine for recipes, but nutritional science is ever changing and we know more now.

That said, it’s the kind of saturated fat that you eat makes all the difference. Saturated fats from grassfed dairy (cows that eat grass instead of grain) react differently in the body compared to fats that are made up of grainfed sources (like most conventionally raised beef) and of course lab made trans fat. Grassfed dairy and meat is rich in omega 3’s and antioxidants while grainfed is not. There is still a lot of conflicting research on the saturated fat in coconut oil, and doctors still caution to use it in moderation. So the best way to avoid the bad kinds of saturated fat? Avoid fast food, store bought baked goods, and . Swap your standard butter for grassfed butter and mix grassfed butter with olive oil in recipes.

Now that you’ve got the skinny on grassfed vs grainfed, what about fat overall? Fat is important to quiet hunger and help the body absorb vitamins, and without some fat we won’t be able to run many of the functions in the body, including your brain which thrives on fat. However, we still need to limit the amount since a diet super high in fat (even the good kind) can be trouble for gut health and can cause rapid weight gain and a host of other health issues when paired with processed sugars and carbohydrates.

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  1. how often one has to eat butter and is it good for someone that want to loss weight

    • GREAT question Betty!
      It really depends what else you’re eating fast foods, ice creams, lots of carbs like bread and rice etc. So if you are eating a lean diet of veggies and 12 ounce of protein a day with 1 cup of grains, then 2 tbsp of butter (preferably grassfed like Kerry brand) a day is fine.

  2. My hubby and I are retired (76/70) and eat our main meal at noon so by 6PM we’re having a snack, which is usually popcorn…with butter! Every night! I’ve gained 20 pounds this winter and am having some back issues due to the excess weight. On our popcorn we have 3 T. each with a little parmesan cheese shaken on. It’s become such a bad habit for me that I just can’t break this habit. My husband does not have a weight problem and his cholesterol is 160!! How can I break this butter habit??

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