Is Butter Better?

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is butter bad for youN othing smells better than melted butter. The other day I was craving soft-cooked bananas, so I heated up a small skillet and took a slender slice of butter and dropped it in the pan. I added sliced bananas, cinnamon, and a sprinkle of brown sugar.

A Little Bit of Butter Goes A Long Way

Ok, so now you’ve got me. Skinny Chef eats butter, but is butter really bad, or could it be better as some of the latest health trends indicate?

As we know more about nutrition, we’ve discovered that the margarine that we’ve used in the past as a butter replacement contained hydrogenated oils – which were extremely bad for heart health, because they contained trans fat.

But what the new trendy butter fans aren’t telling you is that butter is extremely high in saturated fat, the bad kind of fat that raises blood cholesterol. Nutritionists say that you should limit dietary saturated fat to under 20 grams a day and just one tablespoon of butter has 7 grams of the stuff.

Fat is important to quiet hunger and help the body absorb vitamins, and without some fat we won’t be able to run alot of the functions in the body. However, we still need to limit the amount and the type – and should choose unsaturated fats like olive and vegetable oil versus saturated ones (like bacon fat and butter) that are solid at room temperature.

If You’re Skinny, Can You Eat Butter?

Though I eat a little butter from time to time, why don’t I use butter in my recipes more often?

It doesn’t have anything to do with weight control since most margarines, even the trans-fat free kind on the market have the same amount of calories and unsaturated fat content.

I limit the amount of butter because everyone makes different diet choices and has different health concerns. You may be “skinny” on the outside, but it doesn’t mean that you’re also skinny on the inside! I happen to have low cholesterol even though I’ve had weight issues in the past, but I still make a mental note of everything I’m eating on a daily basis that contains butter, cheese, pork, and bacon – all sources of sat fat.

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  1. how often one has to eat butter and is it good for someone that want to loss weight

    • GREAT question Betty!
      It really depends what else you’re eating fast foods, ice creams, lots of carbs like bread and rice etc. So if you are eating a lean diet of veggies and 12 ounce of protein a day with 1 cup of grains, then 2 tbsp of butter (preferably grassfed like Kerry brand) a day is fine.

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