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Check out my latest posts on AOL’s KitchenDaily, which I haven’t highlighted in quite a while: Healthier ramen noodles and a Halloween-inspired recipe.

Healthier Ramen Noodles

Healthy Ramen NoodlesRamen noodles are the college student’s best friend — they’re cheap, filling and taste great. But what happens when you graduate from college and want to start making smarter, and even better-tasting choices?

The old college girl in me just can’t get over the crush I used to have on the 33-cents-a-pop ramen noodle package. (Beef was my favorite flavor.) So now that my budget has grown and my waistline has shrunk, I still like to make room for ramen noodles in my kitchen. Read more at

A Green Goblin Shot for Halloween

Lemon DropHalloween is one of my favorite holidays because you can spend a night incognito. Last year, I showed up at one of my favorite restaurants for their huge annual Halloween bash wearing an elaborate, large curly blond wig, false eyelashes and apple red lipstick. I think the only thing that gave it away was the plate of cookies I brought: Someone recognized the recipe since I’m always carrying food around my town.

This year, I plan on serving drinks – just one tidy neon green shot per customer. Read more at


  1. I love those ramen noodles!

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