Mini Ice Cream Sandwiches

mini icecream sandwichI indulged in many a store bought ice cream sandwiches in my teen and 20’s, before I knew what was in them. I’m sure you know the kind I am talking about – with a chocolately soft cookie sandwich that used to stick to my finger after peeling back the paper. They were filled with a soft-serve vanilla ice cream that was luscious, but little did I know, loaded with preservatives.

I still like to have them from time to time, but now that I’m used to eating lighter I want a chilly bite that’s more “ice cream” and less sandwich – something small that I can make myself with less preservatives.

I found these nifty crackers that remind me of a packaged ice cream cone, very crispy, light, and wafer thin. Take one heaping tablespoon of your favorite light ice cream or healthy frozen yogurt and place it on the inside of the wafer. Press another wafer on top and place in an air-tight container. Freeze until firm.

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Make your own filling for these mini ice cream sandwiches, like chocolate sorbet, buttermilk ice cream or cardamom-ice-cream.

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