Molten Zucchini Chocolate Cake

Molten Zucchini Chocolate CakeIt’s practically raining zucchini in the month of August, but there are only so many nights you can serve it sautéed. Since zucchini has a mild flavor and plenty of liquid, it’s ideal for sweet recipes because it helps baked goods stay moist, like applesauce does. So try my recipe for Zucchini Bread, one of the most downloaded recipes on the entire site…

Since seeing the mounds of butter and melted chocolate oozing across the screen in “Julie and Julia,” I’ve been craving an indulgent chocolate dessert. So I made this rich, dark molten cake that’s crusty on top and soft and melted in the center. Adding a little zucchini is a great way to skim back a little on the fat and sugar.

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  1. I love this great gluten-free recipe!!!! So quick and delish!

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