Recipe for Tomatillo Salsa

tomatillo salsa recipeI remember the first time I bought tomatillos, peeling back the husk to reveal a green orb covered with a slight tacky film that made my fingers stick together. Unfortunately, I bit right into the fruit that looks like an unripe tomato! I was disappointed with the taste – like a cross between celery and cucumber with a sour tang of uncooked rhubarb.

I’m not fond of raw tomatillos, but once they are gently cooked – either roasted in a pan or boiled for a few minutes in water – and mixed with chilies, cilantro and lime, they transform into a bright and tangy sauce, fresh and cool for warm summer days. I like to serve this sauce with chicken enchiladas or on top of baked fish.

Learn more about tomatillos and check out my recipe for Salsa Verde in my latest post on AOL’s Slashfood.


  1. I’m growing tomatillos in my garden but they are not ripe yet. I just bookmarked your recipe to make it. Thanks!

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