One-On-One With The Skinny Chef

Interview with Jennifer IserlohIn my interviews last week with Slashfood’s Nicki Gostin as well as on Booking Mama, I talked about the philosophy behind Skinny Chef, touching on what makes my cookbook different from the million other diet cookbooks out there.

As a restaurant-trained cook who somehow makes food that isn’t drenched in oil, butter or any of those other fattening things, I pointed out that flavor and “tastiness” is at the core of every recipe that I dream up.

“There are a lot of unusual flavor profiles (in my book). For example, I have turkey tacos, but with star anise. The French toast I make is with orange marmalade and cardamom. So there are a lot of fun little twists with flavors. Making it a little bit more special, getting people accustomed to using spices and herbs in a new way but within the confines of the food they recognize.”

As to what makes me and my book different, “a lot of the healthy cookbooks out there are written by authors who don’t necessarily have my food background.” Having worked in both restaurant kitchens as well as in private homes, I always strive to embed the rich flavors typically associated with restaurant foods into healthier, home-made versions of America’s favorite comfort foods.

“There’s nothing better tasting than a home-cooked meal. When people come to my home they say they can’t believe that what they are eating is healthy and I tell them the reason it tastes good is because it’s fresh, it’s homemade.”

Booking Mama also loved all the nutritional advice that I gave through the book (especially the Skinny Secrets) – and asked if the nutritional sections were harder to write than the rest of the cookbook. “(While) I’m not a nutritionist (…), I’ve worked for years with healthy eating publications as well as registered dietitians, so the nutrition part comes naturally. My other goal with the book was to include foods that have a super-charged nutritional profile, so that people are not only eating delicious meals but including things in their diet that the body needs. Look out for the super skinny foods like spinach, broccoli, ground turkey, and ground flax.

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