Bring the Tropics to You!

Eat And Lose WeightIs this wild economy evaporating your winter travel plans? Not to worry – you can still taste the tropics without leaving home!

Tropical fruits – pineapple, pomegranate, mango, grapefruit and oranges – are all in season this time of year, so you are in luck! Not only will these fruits’ vibrant colors brighten your day, but they’ll also kick-start your daily nutritional requirements. Each of these fruits is high in Vitamin C and packed with antioxidants to help protect against that dreaded winter cold and keep your insides and outside at its peak.

Punch Up Everyday Dishes

I like to punch up everyday dishes with easy substitutions this time of year. Try using pomegranate seeds in your favorite salad or rice dish. Sick of your morning banana? Slice up a grapefruit instead. Or add citrus slices to your spinach salad for some added zing.

Who says fruit salad is only a summertime treat? Take a stroll down your produce aisle and pick up any of the tropical fruits that look good; dice ’em up, add some fresh mint and you have a heavenly side dish that will make you feel like you’re sitting on a sandy beach somewhere.

In the mood to cook? Try mixing some cold-weather cooking methods with your favorite tropical fruits. For example, try slicing some pineapple and roasting it- roasting it will draw out the natural sugars and caramelize it. Add a little bit of fresh mint or some low-fat frozen yogurt to up the ante.

No Cook Options: Salsas

Tropical Fruit Salad / Tropical Fruit SalsaOne of my favorite ways to capitalize on tropical fruits is to eat them in their natural state in a salsa. Once my chip hits that dip, I automatically smell the ocean air. For some inspiration, check out my tropical fruit salsa and grapefruit olive salsa recipes.

Craving some homemade baked goods? You can also use the juice versions of these fruits in many of your favorite recipes. One taste of my grapefruit cupcakes and you’ll stop cursing Wall Street and start to enjoy the comforts of your living room couch.

What better way to transport to warm weather than a margarita! My pomegranate margarita, is a great to share with friends to host your own pre-spring break bash.

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