Turkey Bacon vs. Pork Bacon

Turkey Bacon With DatesVery often, I get asked why I choose turkey bacon for recipes and breakfast.

Yes, turkey bacon is slightly higher in sodium compared to pork bacon, but the reason I advise people (especially people who eat a lot of bacon) to switch has to do with saturated fat, that raises blood cholesterol and can lead to heart disease.

When you shop for turkey bacon, look for “nitrate” free brands, since nitrates can turn to dangerous carcinogens when grilled or when it comes in contact with high heat.

Can you enjoy regular bacon on occasion?

Sure, regular bacon once in a while is ok if you have a clean bill of health. I always tell people to check in with their doctor or a nutritionist. Consulting a nutritionist can be a real eye opener, but can also help you understand exactly how much saturated fat overall you should be eating and how to make healthier changes if you need to.

As an aside, nutritionists say to limit your daily saturate fat to under 20 grams.

Have trouble cooking turkey bacon?

The best way to cook turkey bacon is to bake it on a cookie sheet at 400F for 10 minutes. Turn once during cooking and drain on a paper towel and serve immediately.

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Article was first published in November 2009.


  1. Turkey bacon is great!

  2. David J. Phillips says

    After cooking both, the pork slice is half the size of the turkey bacon.

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