What We Say Matters

What We say Matters by Judith Hanson LasaterI‘m an avid yoga practitioner always looking for more ways to bring the principles of yoga off the mat and into my life. A lot of what I do with cooking, my blog, and programs like Ditch the Diets has roots in what I learned from yogic philosophy and the daily practice of self reflection.

And now I’ve found a book that deals with the yoga of speech that I highly recommend. I’ve been reading “What We say Matters” by Judith Hanson Lasater and Ike K. Lasater, seasoned practitioners of yoga and Buddhism, share their expertise with NVC, or “Nonviolent Communication”.

They start with the basics of the technique like observation and naming your feelings which can help you to change the way you communicate with people, turning your new choice of words into a positive and powerful force.

Judith and Ike say “Pay attention to how things are phrased, because what we say has the power to change the world. Using speech as a spiritual practice is the act and art of bringing a deeper awareness to our words so they not only connect us with ourselves but also reflect what is truly alive in us. When we do this we help create the kind of world we want to live in and leave to future generations, because then our words promote life.”

So how can we extend what is said in the book to the way you think about yourself and eating habits? I think a lot of what she teaches starts first in the mind, as thought. The way you think is so crucial to weight management and changing bad eating habits, even though you might not realize it. One of the ideas that is explored in the book – and that I really agree with – is “I am not my thoughts”.

So next time you think something negative about your eating habits, the state of your body, or how you eat, take a moment to observe your thought. So instead of “I’m looking so fat!” (which is a judgement), you might reframe that thought as, “I have gained a few pounds, tonight I will prepare a light, healthy meal for myself”.

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