Yoga Myths: Busted!

Flexible Business ManEven though yoga is all the trend these days and is the most popular it’s ever been, there are still many misconceptions out there. Here are 4 of the most common myths I hear and why they just aren’t true!

  • 1. You Have to be Flexible. While it does help to be agile, it is not necessary. Like with most things in life, what matters is that you put in the effort and do the best you can do. You should not worry about keeping up with your classmates or looking like the models in the books. Do the best you can without hurting yourself! In the process you will even become stronger and more flexible, which is never a bad thing!
  • 2. It’s Not a Good Cardio Workout. There are a many different varieties of yoga- ones that are calm and meditative and ones that are powerful and intense. No matter which yoga you choose, yoga works your heart. All yoga varieties promote muscle tone, strength and flexibility, which affect your cardiovascular shape. How much of a cardio workout you get depends on which type of yoga you do and how hard you push yourself in class. In any case, yoga is by no means a lazy man’s activity!
  • 3.You Have to be Thin. All people- tall, short, fat or thin- are able to practice yoga. Yoga is not a discriminatory practice! As with flexibility, you practice what you are physically able to do and in time you will see results.
  • 4. Yoga is an Activity, like Running. Yoga is actually not a sport in the traditional sense. It is as total mind – body experience. While you are physically working your body, this exercise is part of an overall spiritual regime. The postures of yoga are the most widely known aspect of yoga, but to true yogis they are not the most important part- the way in which you live your life is!

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