Food Courting Video Series

Let's face it, food court and fast food picks can be hard to resist. We crave the taste, but hate the additional calories and poor nutritional value. What if you could make those favorite foods in a nutritional way in the comfort of your own home? That's exactly what I did when I hooked up with Livestrong: Food Courting!

Christmas Eggnog and Gingerbread Cookies


Join me for a date to learn about everyday healthy cooking. In this sixth episode of ‘Food Courting’, we’re going to prepare two tasty Christmas treats: Gingerbread cookies, and velvety egg nog. Not only do they taste better than the store bought version, but they’ll be a whole lot healthier.

Healthy Deli Sandwiches


A zesty deli sandwich can be a healthy option for the quintessential American lunch, and a couple of quick spreads can make this typical fast food a little easier on the waistline.

Crispy Chicken Tenders

Healthy Food Court Recipes: Pan-Fried Chicken Fingers

Satisfying your fried chicken craving doesn’t necessarily mean deep-fried food, as this healthy chicken tender recipe with green bean fries offers a waist-friendly, pan-fried alternative. Create a full-flavor, crunchy chicken meal, sans the high fat levels in this 11th episode of ‘Food Courting’.

Chicken Enchiladas

Healthy Chicken Enchiladas With Rice and Beans

This Tex-Mex remix of enchiladas and lime rice serves up high flavor without the heavy doses of saturated fat and calories. Bake a healthy dish of cheesy chicken enchiladas and a tangy side in this 12th episode of ‘Food Courting’.

Food Courting On Better TV

Jennifer Iserloh on Better TV

I recently connect with Better TV’s Audra Lowe and Rhiannon Ally to tell them about my new web series, Food Courting, that garnered more than 350,000 views. We all love the taste of those food court and fast food favorites, but not what they do to our waistlines, wallet and overall health…

Nachos Grande

Superbowl Healthy Nacho Recipe

A grande platter of nachos doesn’t have to ruin your waistline come Superbowl Sunday, especially when you use ground turkey, pureed vegetables and part-skim mozzarella as the topping. Bake a batch of these satisfying nachos, accompanied by pickled jalapeno salsa in this tenth episode of ‘Food Courting’.

Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Wings

Recipes For Super Bowl

Red hot Buffalo chicken wings can pack a punch without packing on the pounds, and a low-fat blue cheese dressing is the perfect condiment to cool them down. Make sure you’ll watch this ninth episode of ‘Food Courting’ in time for Super Bowl.

Chili Dog and Side Salad


Join me for a date to learn about everyday healthy cooking. In this seventh episode of ‘Food Courting’, we’re making chili dogs and a healthy low-fat side salad that are both filling and friendly to the waistline. Check out what vegetables go into the chili mix…