Secrets of a Private Chef

Self Dishes

Ilove creating recipes and sharing ideas with the staff of Self Dishes. Each issue is packed with healthy, seasonal recipes that are easy to prepare and fun to share with friends and family.

In a Q+A article with Tula Karras in the summer 2007 issue, I talk about my family’s passion for food and how I managed my weight gain without giving up the thing I love most – cooking! Here’s an excerpt:

“How do stars stay svelte and satisfied? By hiring a kitchen magician who can make low-calorie dishes taste as if they’re not. Jennifer Iserloh, 33, a private chef in New York City who cooks for celebs [], began her career with a personal health goal in mind.

“Many of my relatives are very overweight, and a few have died from heart attacks,” she says. “I grew up in a family where we adored food and ate a lot of it-too much of it. So my interest became: How can I eat what I love and be healthy?” How indeed!

By choosing lowfat, flavor-drenched ingredients, she succeeded-and, along the way, pared off about 35 pounds over the past 15 years. “I was surprised when I lost weight working as a chef around all that food, but cooking and researching nutrition has allowed me to share my excitement about it and enjoy what I eat without overindulging,” Iserloh says. She answers your questions with some health-saving, lip-smacking secrets she relies on.”

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